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September 26th 2023

The Tartarus Key - PC Review

Despite the plethora of high-definition scares out there, low-poly indie horrors have experienced a surge in recent years. There’s an audience out there eager for PS1-style spoopy entertainment...

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Tails The Backbone Preludes - PC Review (1).png

July 31st 2023

Tails: The Backbone Preludes - PC Review

In 2021, Egg Nut Games and Raw Fury showed us that the world of animals was even more gritty and complex than our own with noir pixel art game Backbone. Following raccoon P.I. Howard Lotor, players were thrown into a world of intrigue and conspiracy and were left with some questions hanging in the air...

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A Space For The Unbound - PC Review.png

February 7th 2023

A Space For The Unbound - PC Review

Emotive sojourns are widespread in the indie scene, even beginning to become more prevalent in AAA territory. But rarely do they shed light on a relatively unknown region, be deeply relatable and also mind-bogglingly engrossing all at once...

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Sly Cooper at 20.png

October 10th 2022

Sly Cooper at 20: Stepping out of the shadows story first

2002. The sixth generation of gaming is in full swing with the PS2 already well established, and the Xbox and Gamecube beginning to make their marks. The success of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy the previous year showed that PS2 players were still hungry for animated platformers...



August 31st 2023

Full Void - PC Review

Cinematic platformers are a rare find. Lost relics of gaming past, they are a sub-genre that only surfaces sporadically; very few games are classified as such to date. Even less that truly tap into the feel of ‘90s titles like Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee/Exoddus, Heart of Darkness and Another World...

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Clive 'N' Wrench - Switch Review.png

February 24th 2023

Clive 'N' Wrench - Switch Review

There are few gaming genres more nostalgic and fondly remembered than 3D platformers. Games like Banjo-Kazooie, Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank were hits with the popular hero/sidekick or dynamic duo formula. For the majority of gamers born pre-2000, these were a huge part of their virtual journeys...

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December 21st 2022

The Excavation of Hob's Barrow (Game Review)

The mention of horror often conjures images of repetitive jump scares, ear-piercing screams and overly-gratuitous gore. But some of the most influential horror stories are those that slowly build, steadily manifesting an air of unease to events that make the blood run cold...


Beacon Pines - PC Review.png

September 23rd 2022

Beacon Pines - PC Review

Changing fate and becoming a master of one’s own story is something everyone longs to be able to do. Indie developer Hiding Spot Games puts this front and centre with a blend of childlike inquisitiveness and dark, complex machinations only the adult mind can comprehend...

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August 9th 2023

Cozy Grove | The magic and making of a unique cosy life sim

There’s a touch of alchemy in cosy gaming. Hidden sorcery that we all strive for in the real world, often with sporadic success. Like the art of turning base metals into gold, cosy gaming makes the mundane magical. The most basic things in a cosy game evoke a fuzzy feeling...

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Elderand - PC Review.png

February 22nd 2023

Elderand - PC Review

Titles like Blasphemous and Dead Cells brought the brutal challenge of the Souls series to the realm of Metroivania and proved to be quite the hit. Published by Graffiti Games, Elderand by Mantra and Sinergia Games is a pixel-art Metroidvania platformer/RPG...

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December 6th 2022

Cats and the Other Lives - PC Review

The overwhelming success of Stray back in July showed that the gaming world is hungry for more feline-centric adventures. Turkish studio Cultic Games’ latest release is one to further whet the appetite by bringing a more mature cat adventure to the realm of pixels...

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Batora Lost Haven (Press Preview).png

September 22nd 2022

Batora: Lost Haven - PC Press Preview

Team 17 and Stormind Games team up for a quest of interplanetary proportions releasing on October 20th. Batora: Lost Haven is an isometric action RPG that combines fast-paced, skill-swapping combat with a choice-driven story spanning a vast cosmos...

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