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November 8th 2021

Book of Travels (Early Access) Review

I have a complicated relationship with MMOs that’s steadily evolved over the years. I suck at them. Not through lack of skill or experience, at least in this particular context, rather that I can never play them properly...

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September 6th 2021

Spiritfarer Review (Nintendo Switch)

Death is such an inevitable part of life that there is certainly no shortage of it in games, usually in bloody and violent fashion. So when a game comes along that tackles the complex emotional sea surrounding it in a sensitive and unique way, it immediately stands out...

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July 3rd 2021

Pixels and Pencils Before Polygons - Steam Next Fest June 2021

Time really does feel like an illusion of late. In what seems like a heartbeat, summer has come around again. The days are at their longest, the weather pendulum swings between cloudless skies rivalling the Mediterranean...

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April 29th 2021

The Best Pixel Art Games that Blend Past and Present

Since its conception, the video games industry has been racing towards the future. As technology has evolved over the decades, developers have pushed every component to its limit to deliver cutting-edge virtual experiences...

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October 14th 2021

Demos That Go Bump in the Night - Steam Next Fest October 2021

We find ourselves in October once again and this of course means a number of things. The full colourful throes of autumn, the otherworldly celebrations of Halloween or Samhain and of course the most momentous occasion of all...

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September 3rd 2021

Sonic & Knuckles or: How I Came To Embrace the Mega Drive and Love the Echidna

I was very late to the Mega Drive party. Most ‘90s gamers, particularly fellow UK ones, were practically born with a Mega Drive controller in their hands. It took 15 years for me to finally have the opportunity...

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May 27th 2021

Lacuna Review

Since the release of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead and their subsequent rise to fame in the 2010s, the element of choice and consequence in gaming has become more prevalent...

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April 7th 2021

A Daily Dose of Beauty, Peace and Purpose - Cozy Grove (PC Review)

"All those who are lost deserve kindness." If the success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taught us anything, it’s that even the most battle-hardened, adrenaline-hungry gamers have a soft spot for the wholesome...

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September 6th 2021

Gamescom Indie Arena Booth 2021 – Demos and Trailers To Stoke Your Indie Passions

Taking to an all-virtual stage for the second year running, Gamescom 2021 cemented its place as one of the standout gaming events of the year, showcasing features and titles from all corners of the gaming world...

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August 13th 2021

Positively Glowing - Greak: Memories of Azur (PC Review)

There’s something unique about hand-drawn animation, an almost magical element. Be it movies, TV shows or video games, if a title adopts a process that requires a meticulous level of care, intricacy and dedication, you know it’s going to be a tale with heart...

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May 9th 2021

Low Poly Horrors to Give You the Old-School Heebie-Jeebies

With the much-anticipated release of Resident Evil Village, horror gaming has returned to the forefront and the world is hungry for spoopy entertainment once again. Or perhaps just nine feet tall vampire ladies...

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April 7th 2021

The Slormancer Early Access Review

In the midst of a sea of gritty realism and deep, emotional stories, sometimes it’s refreshing to lose oneself in a title that is completely devoted to just having fun. No tortured protagonists or complex moral choices, just pure, unadulterated fun...

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