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At age five, I experienced two things for the first time: picking up a Sega Game Gear and a powerful drive to write on any scrap of paper I could get my little paws on. At age thirty, I experienced something else for the first time: combining these two now deep-seated passions in the form of video game journalism. I love to explore the minutiae of video games and delve into their intricate and artistic elements. Every article is a literary adventure.


Since June 2020, I have written numerous pieces for print media and online outlets such as Input, Overlode and whynow Gaming. Currently, I am a contributing writer for [lock-on] Gaming Journal by Lost in Cult, Thumb Culture and a staff writer at PS Legends. Articles are occasionally written under the pen name 'Pixie Poison' and I am based in London, UK.

I also dabble in fiction, poetry, and blogging which can be found here.

Click on the PORTFOLIO tab to view my work.


To get in touch with me directly, click on the @ icon. To keep up to date with me, click the LinkedIn or Twitter/X buttons.


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